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Frank S 29 December 2014 Announcements

If you are experiencing errors accessing websites and you see peer certificate errors then this indicates that your tablet does not have the correct date & time set. You can set these by opening Settings then tapping Date & Time. 

Frank S 21 November 2014 Announcements

Some customers may experience problems connecting to the Amazon App Store. On affected tablets you will need to run the Gemini Updater application to download and install an update that will resolve the issue.

This affects the Gemini D7 7007, Q13 1331 tablets. 


Customers can also install the Google Play Store onto the tablet. Please refer to the following instructions:

On your tablet computer, open Settings then tap Security. Tap the checkbox on the right of Unknown Sources then accept the warning message that appears. 

Open the Browser on the tablet then open the following address:


Click the Download button to download the application to your tablet. Once the download has completed, open the application by tapping the bottom right of the tablet to open the notifications then tap the downloaded application com.bagpuss.playinstaller.r7.apk

Once installed, open the installed application called Play Installer then follow the instructions on the screen. The tablet will restart to install Google Play.

Once restarted, you can uninstall the play installer by dragging it to the trash icon at the top of the screen. 

Open Google Play Store then log in with your Google account details. If you do not have an account then please create one within the application. Once logged in you can then install applications from the Google Play Store application or the Google Play Store website.