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Frank S 03 December 2013 22 Announcements

Gemini devices are now preloaded with the Amazon Appstore rather than the Google Play Store as part of a suite of Amazon applications. The Amazon Appstore has a huge number of free and paid apps to download, as well as a paid app available to download for free every single day!
Unfortunately we can’t help you modify the software on your tablet to add non-standard features.
An unofficial support community for Gemini devices can be found at http://mdc.gd/geminiforum, where you can connect with other users to discuss making the most out of your tablet.
Thank you for purchasing a Gemini tablet and we hope you enjoy using it!

Frank S 02 December 2013 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a new Amazon account for use with the Amazon Appstore cannot be easier. Simply click the Create Account option within the application to start the registration process. You need to enter a valid email address as well as your address & telephone number as part of the registration. 

During the registration you will be asked for card details. - This step is OPTIONAL and can be skipped by closing the Amazon Appstore application.

A card is not required for downloading free applications and is only used for adding paid applications to your account.

Once you re-open the Amazon Appstore you can enter your email address and password to access your new account and start downloading right away.