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How do I update my Android software?

Frank A
posted this on 7 May 2013, 10:56

You can apply over the air (OTA) updates through the GD Update application.

To carry out the update you will need to be connected to a WiFi network with an active internet connection. 

Please open the Gemini Updater application on your tablet and press the available update option. If available a message should appear informing you that an update is available for your tablet. Press OK to accept this and a second message will appear with two options, Wipe data, wipe cache. Please leave these as they are and press ok. The final message will be a Superuser request if you have not used the updater before. Please press allow and the tablet will reset in order to carry out the update. 


If you receive a message saying no updates are available, and you have not previously installed the update, please write all the information shown in the updater application into a new support request on here so we can assist further. 

If a message appears saying that Superuser has denied the updater then please exit the Gemini Updater app and open Superuser. Scroll across until you reach the apps list and find the Gemini Updater app listed within Superuser. Hold your finger on the Gemini Updater listing and select remove. Now close Superuser and attempt to update again.

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